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We are Larry and Debra Titsworth.  We are currently living in Grove, Oklahoma. After serving God in St Croix for three years, we said yes to the next step, following God to Kenya, Africa; it is hard to believe this is our 7th year there. After raising our family, and having retired from our careers, who would have thought we had so much yet to do?  But now we are busy with our Father's business instead of our own and enjoying every day.

Our focus has been on starting Bible Schools for leaders. 


Our assignment- Train the Trainers! Teaching and watching them “GO” and teach their nation, fulfilling the call of God on their lives, to be Disciples of Jesus. What an honor to be a part of that here at Grove Christian Center through GCC International School of Missions.

*To be a friend, a man should strive to be like the shadow of a great rock in a weary land, to be a source of refuge and strength to those who walk in darkness. (by Wilfred A Peterson)    To be a friend is to be like Jesus!

No matter where God sends us or what He asks of us, we pray we will always be a friend to the people He sends us to! There is much darkness out there, and we ask God to let us be a light in the darkness. Let us be like Jesus!

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